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Crafting Dreams, One piece of wood at a Time: Get exactly what you want at Dust Factory

Welcome to Dust Factory, where I, personally craft custom furniture and cabinetry.

I don't just drop teams on site and head to the pub; I'm involved in every aspect of the process, from selecting the finest timber and board products to meticulously sandpapering and even cleaning the floors. Quality is my utmost priority, and I believe that the joy of owning a remarkable piece of furniture outlasts any fleeting thoughts of its cost.

If you're searching for something truly unique, whether it's a bespoke kitchen, a cozy bedroom, or a timeless piece of furniture destined to become an heirloom, you're in the right place. Your journey with Dust Factory will be more than just a transaction; it will be a collaborative experience in creating something special that you'll cherish for years to come.

This also means I have limited capacity, I cannot be rushed, I only take on as much as I can cope with at any given time.

Dust Factory Pretoria project life cycle

We discuss project life cycle of kitchen installations, built-in cupboards and other furniture and the logistics so that you can plan better and prepare.

It all starts with you requesting a quote, click here to do so. We do free quote and design. The RFQ will open in a separate page so coming back here is easy.

Life Cycle design

The project life cycle begins with a discussion about design, requirements and planning. We come out and measure up, discuss your needs, and then will do a 3d design so that you can see what you are getting. During this session, you get to look at colour swatches and samples. You can preview all of the Melamine colours here, and all of the counter top colours here.
Cabinet Design life cycle
Once we have agreed on the design, we will submit a quotation.

Life Cycle: Accepting the quotation

On acceptance of the quotation we will give you an estimated start date. This date can be affected by any current project over runs. As I do one project at a time, each project must be completed before starting the next one. Timeous payment of the deposit guarantees your position in the queue. On receipt of cleared funds we will order the necessary materials.

Project Life cycle delivery

Melamine takes on average 5 working days to be cut, prepared and delivered to site. You will need to have a dry, secure place to store the boards until we start installation.
Flat pack delivered Melamine ready for assembly and installation
Any solid wood, or doors made with materials other than melamine are manufactured on my premises and we will supply an estimated date of delivery. There are a number of factors that can affect delivery, including drying times being affected by weather.

Project life cycle stripping and external works

Work that needs to be done prior to installation include any wet works, plumbing, and electrical. The plumber, electrician need to have completed their chasing, wiring, piping and prep work before we install. The only thing they should have to do is connections after we have installed. If we are stripping the kitchen, we will do it before these contractors come in.
Tiling being done in a kitchen
Any building, plastering and floor tiling should be done prior to installation. Floors should be tiled corner to corner with a 130mm tiled skirting. I do mark out where the plumbing should be if we don't do the plumbing ourselves. We do not do the gas and electrical but will mark all points for the contractors that will be performing those tasks.

Please note, it is best not to have multiple contractors working on a kitchen at the same time, it delays work when contractors are working around and over one another. Give each contractor enough time to complete their part of the job. I recently was on a job where the client had 6 people trying to work on site at the same time. There was only one place for me to go and that was home, till the others had finished. In the trade we refer to this as a clusterf*ck and it doesn't do anyone any favours. You also end up paying more for the trades that bill hourly.

Project life cycle, Installation

Once the other trades have finished their tasks we move in and start installation. Depending on the size of the kitchen this process will take between 4 and 10 days. Do not try and rush us, because you want to move in over the weekend, The hurrier we get, the more mistakes, the more time wasted and the slower the job happens. You cannot rush quality work. We can install between 6 and 10 units per day. counter tops take on average a day and the finishing and cleaning another day or two.
kitchen installation in Pretoria


Once we have finished installation, the electrician and plumber can connect stoves, sinks and other goods needing connection.

The tiler can then return for the walls. Please ensure that the tiler places cardboard on any worktops while tiling. Many a perfect job has been ruined by tilers scratching work tops.

Doing the review

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