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Dust Factory custom wood work Nelspruit and Lowveld

Here at the Dust Factory we make dreams come true, be it taking and old piece of junk furniture or an antique and restoring it or making something different from it. You need a dream kitchen, something different from the norm, we can do that too.

At the Dust Factory I aim to please, if you need something special, something extra ordinary or even something totally normal that you saw on pinterest, instagram or facebook, send me the pic and I'll quote. If you have something unique that you designed, send me the sketch and I'll quote. If you have a vague idea that you need something on that wall, but maybe that wall but don't know what you want, I'll come give you ideas and match the decor.

Talk to me about your kitchen, your bedroom, your bathrooms, a bar, your living room and even your patio, From the plasma stand to the bathroom cabinet doesn't need to be ordinary, it also doesn't need a huge budget unless you want exotic wood.

Just remember if you are in a desperate hurry I may not be able to help, I do all the work myself and bring no strangers on site.

I work anywhere in the Lowveld and on the Escarpment

I do free quotes in Nelspruit and a 30km radius of our base. If you want a quote from further away send us the dimensions, we will measure check before manufacturing or we can come out and measure at AA rates plus any toll fees for distances exceeding 30km.

Towns I will do installations in include Barberton (Umjindi), Komatipoort, Malelane, Nelspruit (Mbombela), Waterval Onder, Waterval Boven, Ngodwana, Machadodorp, Dullstroom, Lydenburg (Mashishing), Graskop, Sabie, Hazyview and all areas in between.

I do all custom and bespoke cabinetmaking

I will tackle any woodworking project from making a bespoke pivot front door to a custom bathroom cabinet using a wide range of materials including Melamine, MDF (Supawood), Plywood, Solid wood, Glass, Steel, Aluminium and Resins.

I repair, restore, add on and create unique designs. No job is too small or too complex.

Custom front doors made in Nelspruit

Do you want something special and different to invite your guests into your home, I can design or build a door to your specifications, Anything from a standard sized door to a door that is too high or too wide, I can mount on a pivot, create a frame, add a doggie door, use exclusive woods, sandblast and do anything you have seen on the net as long as it's wood.

Custom furniture installed anywhere in the Lowveld

I make free standing furniture, fitted furniture and bespoke made to fit furniture for any room in the house or outdoors.

Office furniture, desks, credenzas, storage and filing solutions

Many people have moved home and are in need of a workspace that they can leave at tjaila time. Talk to me about a custom work area for your computer that can be closed up when you are not working, Office furniture need not be a desk with 2 drawers with not enough space for a printer and the paperwork. I can also create fully fitted studies or home offices in a wide range of materials.

Nelspruit kitchen units

Kitchen Design Nelspruit

We do a free 3D design for every new kitchen project. You get to see what your kitchen would look like before committing to anything. We can show you in the material of your choice and make changes while you watch.

There are two options when I quote, 1) You pay nothing, you get a 3d photo without measurements. 2) You pay for the design and get drawings and all measurements including a materials list you can use to get quotes that are using identical specifications. If you are into DIY, I can supply cutting and edging lists as well at a fee. To read more about 3d design click here.

Designer Kitchens in Nelspruit

When we meet, we will discuss designing your kitchen and how to think about work flow. A badly laid out kitchen can lead to the Chef walking 10 - 15kms a day I once read, There are a number of schools of thought on kitchen design, starting with the triangles, the zones and C.R.A.P. I will show you how important all of these things are when planning your kitchen.

Managing your project is very important especially if you are working on a budget, what comes first, when does the electrician come in? Who is doing the gas, and the plumbing, When should you tile and are there alternatives to tiles that are great to use in a kitchen, How many plugs is too many?
Nelspruit kitchen units
I do a 3d design of every kitchen so you can see what you get,

Nelspruit Kitchen units: Materials

Carcasses are usually built with white Melamine in modern kitchens, Kitchen carcasses are made with side panels, shelves, and rails. You will then use primed Masonite or a coated MDF (Supawood) for the back. I have used alternatives in the past including spray painting Supawood, or pine plywood. Both of these options add substantially to the price and make no difference to the longevity of the units if properly cared for. All of these products can be damaged by water. Modern carcasses can also be built with folkstone grey Melamine for that unique look.

To find out more about the kitchen units we offer click here.

Faces are the sides that are visible when all installation is complete and appliances are fitted. This also includes filler panels, light rails and scochures. I like to make these from the same material as the doors. For more information and to view the color charts click here
Nelspruit wood kitchensNelspruit melamine kitchen units
Kitchens can be made with a range of different finishes and materials, The three main types of material used are Melamine, Solid wood and MDF (Supawood)

Nelspruit Kitchen units: Counter tops

The five main types of counter top are Formica, Natural Stone, Man made stone, Concrete and Solid wood.

For all the information about counter tops including colour charts, click here

Formica is a laminate with a wide range of finishes and textures on a chipboard substrate, You can also order it on an MDF substrate, but the difference in price makes it uneconomical, the benefits are way less value than the cost.

Granite is my least favourite material as this is a non renewable resource, every bit of granite that is in a kitchen was once part of a mountain that no longer exists. Granite looks pretty but has been known to crack and cannot be repaired.

Cement tops are being made more popular in the USA because making a mould is quite easy, however the hardeners and aggregates they use allowing them to make tops are not readily available here. Concrete tops that can be made here must be built in situation and the slabs are usually pretty thick at 70mm plus.
Wood kitchen units Pretoria
The downside of concrete tops is you will be without a kitchen for two weeks while your tops are curing.

Nelspruit Built in Cupboard design

We do a free 3d Design for every built in cupboard project. You get to see what it will look like in situation before we cut one piece of timber.

Nelspruit built in Cupboards: Materials

Cupboards are built mostly in Melamine. At Nelspruit Renovations we build the framework or carcasses of the built in cupboards with super white melamine. The units do not have backs so it is always a good idea to paint the walls that the units will stand up against before installation.

Standard built in cupboards vary from 2.4m to 2.7m tall. Most houses have ceilings at about 2.43m from the floor. This can vary as well, The lowest ceiling I have found yet is around 2.3m and the highest at around 4m. If the ceiling is up to 2.8m we fill right up to the ceiling and use the ceiling as the top of the cupboard, giving you as much packing space as possible in your built in cupboard.

Nelspruit built in Cupboards: Costs

Melamine built in cupboards start at less than R 4000 a running meter at standard heights. This price is based on an average built in cupboard with white doors, 1/3 shelving and 2/3 hanging at 1.8 wide. An average bedroom cupboard in white melamine is just under R 7200.00 including installation. Coloured melamine will increase the costs.

I do give discounts for larger projects. I also do sliding doors and mirror doors if required.

Nelspruit built in Cupboards: Options

Cupboards need not be just hanging space and shelving, Many options are available for your storage requirements, Many ladies and gentlemen have more shoes than they know what to with, I can include a rotating shoe tower allowing storage of many more pairs of shoes in an organised fashion.

Drawers are an option with both visible drawer fronts or internal drawers, I only use extendable bearing runners making it easy to gain access to every item in the drawer, If you want drawers with partitions, hidden compartments or any other idea, just ask.

Nelspruit built in Cupboards: Solid wood

We offer three different drawer depths so storing anything from bed linen to lipstick can be made easy. Why just have an ordinary built in cupboard, when you could have a closet with storage to suit your needs. Here at Dust Factory we make dreams happen.