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Crafting Dreams, One piece of wood at a Time: Get exactly what you want at Dust Factory

Welcome to Dust Factory, where I, personally craft custom furniture and cabinetry.

I don't just drop teams on site and head to the pub; I'm involved in every aspect of the process, from selecting the finest timber and board products to meticulously sandpapering and even cleaning the floors. Quality is my utmost priority, and I believe that the joy of owning a remarkable piece of furniture outlasts any fleeting thoughts of its cost.

If you're searching for something truly unique, whether it's a bespoke kitchen, a cozy bedroom, or a timeless piece of furniture destined to become an heirloom, you're in the right place. Your journey with Dust Factory will be more than just a transaction; it will be a collaborative experience in creating something special that you'll cherish for years to come.

This also means I have limited capacity, I cannot be rushed, I only take on as much as I can cope with at any given time.

I have more than 30 years of experience working with wood, I started my training in 1986 and have learned more and more continuously since then, I do built in cupboards in a wide range of materials and finishes. I do all the work myself so will not be dropping strangers at your home and retiring to the pub.

Call me to do a 3D design of your cupboard and a free quote so you know exactly what you are getting. 'Click here to arrange an appointment
3D design of built in cupboards in Pretoria

I do built-in cupboards with Melamine interiors, Facing sides and doors can be built with Melamine, Handpainted or spray painted supawood (MDF) and a range of solid wood from SA Pine to imported hard woods.

Standard sizes of Built-in Cupboards in Pretoria

Built-in cupboards are 2.4m high, they are 586mm deep and are built in widths from 450mm to 1200mm in 150mm increments. There is no shelf at the top so that the space between the cupboards top shelf and ceiling can be utilised for storage. It is best to paint the walls behind the cupboard while the old units are stripped out, because the method of construction does not allow backs.
Pretoria built-in cupboards
I also build non standard sizes, If your ceiling is higher that standard or lower than we adjust cupboards to suit, with a maximum height of 2.7m. A filler is placed between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.

The cupboards are delivered in knock down form or flat pack. I start at one side assembling and installing in one step. Cupboards are made to size and to fit. I can install an average sized BIC in less than 2 days.

Materials used for BICs in Pretoria

The structure, carcas or framework is built with White Melamine. The melamine components get edged with 1mm impact edging. We could save money by using .3mm edging but have found that the 1mm edging looks better and also does not delaminate as easily. Quality is something I don't compromise on. Every drawer I make has a solid Melamine base because they don't collapse like the masonite bases do over time.

There are those that will cut corners and use Chipboard interiors. In my opinion the saving to be had are a false economy. I have seen both melamine cupboards and chipboard cupboards 10 years and more after installation. The savings do not make any sense in the long term.

Melamine cupboards for bedrooms, Pretoria

Melamine cupboards can be faced with Melamine, The budget option is white, but for a few Rand more per door the choices in Melamine are enormous. There is a Melamine colour to suit every taste, from matt and gloss to the standard textured boards. Click here for the Melamine colour range.
Installing BIC in Pretoria

Traditional opening or sliding doors can be used on a Built-in Cupboard. We can incorporate shoe storage, hidden drawers, dressing tables, side tables, headboards and any idea you saw on Pinterest or Facebook if at all practical.

Bedroom Cupboards: The options.

I do a 3D drawing of every cupboard so that you know exactly what to expect. The sections we build include Dressing tables, Hanging space with a single or double rail, Shelving, We incorporate drawers that open from the interior of the cupboard, or with external drawer faces.
Pretoria Built in Cupboards

Painted Built in Cupboards

I manufacture Built in cupboard doors and faces with supawood. These can be supplied raw for those that want to have a go at paint techniques, chalk painting or even hand painting. I also do handpainting, paint techniques and spraypainted finishes.
Solid Wood Built in Cupboards

Solid wood built in cupboards can be built in anything from SA Pine to imported hardwoods. I will work with any timber that is available as long as it is not wet off saw. I have worked with a wide variety of timber during my career. Ash, Beech, Camphor, Cedar, Cypress, Kiaat, Iroko, Mahogany, Pine, Poplar, Rosewood, Rhodesian Teak, Saligna, Spruce, Tambotie and more have been on my workbench over the years.
Solid Wood Built in Cupboards

Pretoria Built-in Cupboards: The options

Standard BICs have hanging space and shelves. A mans hanging space may have two rails to accommodate shorter items like suits and shirts rather than long coats and dresses in a ladies robe.

Special units may include drawers, shoe storage, hidden storage, we may design a purpose built unit to arch over the bed with built in side tables, a TV stand. There are few ideas that are out there that I cannot turn into a working system.

Whatever you need, I will look at.

Matching furniture

Headboards, bedside cabinets, dressing tables, toy boxes, or complete beds, just ask.

The rest of the house

If you need to sort out the mess in your garage I can build a cupboard or shelving and a work table to suit your needs. I will build anything from a desk and shelves to a plasma stand from your design or mine in any of the materials mentioned before, from Melamine to solid wood.

For your free 3D design and quote click here.


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