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Why Dust Factory

Dust Factory is a one craftsman business, I do not drop teams on site and go to the pub

  • You get me. I do everything myself including the sandpapering and cleaning the floor.
  • Quality is more important than a cheap price. You will enjoy a great piece of furniture long after you have forgotten what it cost you

For a unique kitchen, bedroom or a piece of furniture that will become an heirloom, you are where you need to be.

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Here at Dust Factory, The Pretoria cabinetmakers, I make wooden cabinets, book shelves, tables, in fact any custom made furniture and wooden goods. I am a Pretoria cabinetmaker and I work with solid wood and board products.

If you spotted something on social media that grabs your fancy, send me a pic and I'll design and build it for your home, office or boardroom.

Cabinet maker Pretoria

The Pretoria cabinetmaker, will manufacture furniture for all purposes, I will make cabinets for business display, garage storage or somewhere to put your patio cushions. You can tell me what you want, supply a rough sketch or I can design something for you in 3D. I will build free standing or fitted cabinetry.

Over the years the Pretoria Cabinetmaker has built projects from staircases and bannister rails in solid wood, custom cabinets for many reasons and purposes from drinks cabinets to reception areas and much more. I have built pulpits, baptismal fonts for churches and unique chests of drawers, work tables, room dividers and sales office desks.

The Pretoria cabinetmaker will build a unique front door for your home or a window that is extra height or even a unique entrance door and window frame. In fact the more interesting a project is, the more I am interested in tackling it.

Pretoria cabinet maker

What is the difference between a carpenter and a cabinet maker?

Three main types of woodworker are carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers. Carpenters do what is called the rough work in construction projects, a carpenter can be a specialist in roofing building roof trusses, They may specialise in shuttering for concrete pours, or be a generalist doing all the wood round a house from skirtings and hanging doors to ceilings. A skillful carpenter is a valuable asset to the construction industry.

Pretoria cabinet maker

Joiners tend to be machinists and work on production lines manufacturing doors, frames and wooden windows, but they could be on a production line knocking out furniture, chopping boards or items like laminated beams and shelving.

Cabinetmakers like the Pretoria cabinetmaker build individual pieces, aiming for a standard that will last a long time. Cabinetmakers are becoming rarer and solid wood more and more expensive. Offering a quality job is time consuming and cannot be rushed. Sadly less and less good furniture is being crafted, because board is cheaper.

The line between cabinetmaker and joiner is very blurry, The Pretoria cabinetmaker will do most woodwork from repairing broken furniture and restoring antiques, but won't do ceilings, skirtings and roofs.

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