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Welcome to Dust Factory, where I, personally craft custom furniture and cabinetry.

I don't just drop teams on site and head to the pub; I'm involved in every aspect of the process, from selecting the finest timber and board products to meticulously sandpapering and even cleaning the floors. Quality is my utmost priority, and I believe that the joy of owning a remarkable piece of furniture outlasts any fleeting thoughts of its cost.

If you're searching for something truly unique, whether it's a bespoke kitchen, a cozy bedroom, or a timeless piece of furniture destined to become an heirloom, you're in the right place. Your journey with Dust Factory will be more than just a transaction; it will be a collaborative experience in creating something special that you'll cherish for years to come.

This also means I have limited capacity, I cannot be rushed, I only take on as much as I can cope with at any given time.


Custom designer kitchen units made in Pretoria

We manufacture and install kitchen units in the Pretoria area, we work in Pretoria and all surrounding areas. We also manufacture and install bedroom units, study units and any fitted Melamine furniture. Our kitchen units are built to exacting standards by Guy, who know that any job worth doing, is worth doing well. If you are looking for the cheapest job in town and don't care about quality then Dust Factory is not going to be a good fit, we refuse to cut corners and do shoddy work. We supply a 3d kitchen design with every quote.
kitchen units Pretoria
3D kitchen units Pretoria, design example

We work in a range of materials from board products to solid wood and will combine glass, steel and aluminium if required.

We supply kitchen units in Pretoria with plinths if required but our standard is placing the units on feet, We use steel feet at the front where they are visible and black plastic feet at the back in the shadows. If we are going to use a plinth or kick plate we install plastic feet front and back and clip the kick plates to the feet. They are removable so that they can be easily replaced in the case of water damage. We can also offer a coated plastic kick plate as an option.

The main advantage of using feet is to prevent water damage to the carcasses in minor flooding or damage by home executives that are a little zealous with water when mopping.

Standard kitchen units, Pretoria

At Pretoria Kitchen Company, Dust Factory we make custom kitchen units as well as standard kitchen units. In order to define standard kitchen units, We need to discuss the differing sizes. Basic kitchen units have a door height of 720mm. This is applicable to floor units and wall units from Pretoria Kitchen Company, Dust Factory. The matching door size for grocery units is 1920mm.
kitchen units Pretoria, Sink unit with drawers
Kitchen Units Pretoria - Sink Unit with drawers

The floor unit carcasses are 720mm high and then add the top at 32mm to reach a top height of 902mm. A gap of 450mm will lead you to the bottom of the wall units which top out at 2070 mm which is incidentally the approximate height of door and window frames. Optionally we add a scochure on top of the units, to finish them off a little better than just a square unit. We can also add light rails to the bottom of wall units allowing you to recess lighting below the units.

Ceiling Height Kitchen units, Pretoria

Floor units remain identical to the standard units, with the difference being on the wall units, These are now 1080mm high, placed exactly as the standard units 450mm from the counter tops, making the height of your installed kitchen 2430mm tall. Grocery cabinet doors will be 2280mm tall. Finishing on ceiling height units is done in one of two ways, If your ceiling is no higher than the norm of 2500 - 2550mm the gap will be filled with a filler piece between the cabinets and the ceiling no more than 150mm wide. If the ceiling is higher this will be replaced with a scochure.
kitchen units Pretoria, Top units including Microwave, Tall (ceiling height) and glass door unit
Kitchen Units Pretoria - Top units including Microwave, Tall (ceiling height) and glass door unit

Kitchen Unit dimensions, Pretoria

Standard kitchen units are made in sizes from 300mm wide in 150mm increments up to 900mm. The next size up is 1200mm. In planning a kitchen we will use the standard sizes and build the odd custom size to fill a particular gap. If we need a 480mm unit we will make it to fit the kitchen.

Types of kitchen units we build as standard in Pretoria

Starting with floor units, we have standard floor kitchen units. These units are characterized by a bottom and a single shelf with a door with 2 hinges, Up to 600mm wide they have one door and larger units have two doors. We generally limit these units to 900mm wide, because we know that units wider than one meter suffer from shelf droop over time. We start preventing future issues by staying away from problematic design and sizes.
kitchen units Pretoria, Spice drawer in different finishes
Kitchen Units Pretoria - Spice drawer in different Melamine finishes

Our drawer units start with a 300mm pull out spice drawer. We have a standard 4 drawer unit in 450mm and 600mm widths. The pot drawers are available in two flavours either a 3 drawer unit with two deep drawers and a shallow drawer for lids and frying pans, or the 2 drawer with two deep drawers. these are available in 750 and 900mm widths.

Sometimes standard floor units are not sufficient to fit the space. We will alter the size of any of the standard units to form a custom kitchen unit at any dimension required. If a kitchen needs a 150mm spice drawer or a 735mm pot drawer we will plan and make it so.

Wall units are made standard in 190mm or 550mm height (for above fridges) 360mm height for kitchen units above extractor fans. 720mm height for standard wall units and ceiling height at 1080mm. We make a special Microwave shelf, a wine rack, a range of open shelves and glass door kitchen units.
kitchen units Pretoria, 2 drawer and 3 drawer Pot drawers.
Kitchen Units Pretoria - Standard Pot drawer and pot drawer with lid drawer

Our sink unit is designed with full utility in mind, rather than a shelf with a hole cut into it we create a drawer for your detergents and a "Pot drawer" below the sink. Rather than a messy unit that hides junk our sink unit is designed to be easily accessible and useful.

We also manufacture corner units with two doors opening on 165 degree hinges rather than a two doors joined with hinges.

The walk in pantry is one of our standard kitchen units in Pretoria.
kitchen units Pretoria, Examples of units installed in kitchens.
Kitchen Units Pretoria - Examples of units installed in kitchens

Designer custom kitchen units, Pretoria

We build a range of kitchen units in Pretoria to make your kitchen unique.

As you get older the need to search for something in the back of a cabinet becomes more difficult so we introduced drawer units in the corners as opposed to caves that swallow stuff. We offer a wide range of accessories like pull out larders, vegetable storage baskets, weaved baskets, drawer inserts, bins and more to make your fitted kitchen units even more versatile.

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