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There are four main types of kitchen counter tops used in kitchen design, Formica, granite, solid wood, and man made tops. This page will be discussing the benefits and downside of each option. We will also be showing the colour range available for each.

Granite counter tops | Wooden counter tops | Quartz counter tops | Concrete counter tops

Formica kitchen counter tops, Pretoria

Formica is a name brand of laminate tops that has become the industry name for all laminate work tops. There are many manufacturers of Laminate tops and also the laminate. For the sake of ease I am going to start with PG Bison's Life seal top colours which are most commonly used. I have heard people refer to these as Melamine counter tops, but Melamine is not the right material to use for counter tops. The laminates are not as hard wearing as the counter top laminates. To read more about Melamine click here


Cost: This is the cheapest type of kitchen counter top currently available in the industry.
Ease of use: The most complicated tool required for fitting is a circular saw.
Range: The range of colours available has something for everyone.
Durable: Can handle high temperatures, will not fade and I have seen tops of 25 years and older, still looking good.


Easily water damaged: This may seem like a major problem but I have a solution for it, I have not yet been called out to replace any formica top after treating them the way I do.
Can be scratched: With enough violence many things can be done including scratching Formica tops. This is only a disadvantage if you have hooligans and uncivilised people dancing on your counter tops.

Formica Colour Range

PG Bison's offering is a firm favourite in the laminated counter top stakes.

Formica Aquila Gloss countertops Pretoria Formica Black Slate kitchen tops Pretoria

Formica Black Textured vanity table Pretoria Formica Brooklyn Loft laminates

Formica Carina Gloss counter tops Pretoria Formica Catalann postform tops Pretoria

Formica Comet Gloss kitchen tops Pretoria Formica Comet Textured laminate countertops

Formica Cygnus Gloss work bench Pretoria Formica Downtown Textured laminates

Formica Mocha Gloss kitchen unit counters Pretoria Formica Mocha Textured laminate counter tops

Formica Marrion Gloss vanity slabs Pretoria Formica Marrion Textured breakfast bar

Formica Saxon Oak kitchen tops Pretoria Formica Raven Textured laminate counter tops

Formica Kristall Gloss breakfast bar Pretoria Formica Moss Textured vanity tops

Formica Rosetta Gloss bathroom tops Pretoria Formica Rosetta Textured table tops

Formica Tucana Gloss desk tops Pretoria Formica Verster Textured office desks

Formica White Miriad table tops Pretoria Formica White Textured laminate counter tops

Formica Woodland Fusion kitchen tops Pretoria Formica Woodland Fusion bathroom counter tops

There are other laminates available from various manufacturers, yet the PG Bison range is most commonly used.

Granite Counter Tops - Pretoria

Granite is a natural product, is not renewable and harvesting granite destroys mountains. This is not a green product and in my mind is the least desirable top to use. It is however the next most common counter top found in kitchens. The range of colours is pretty varied from almost white stone to pitch black. The most commonly seen granite is the black one known as Rustenburg due to it's low cost in comparison to other products.


Durable: Granite is a hard wearing stone and can last many years.


Cost: Granite varies in price from 3x the cost to many x the cost of laminate counter tops.
Cannot be repaired: Granite is known to break at weak points, notably where cut outs have been made for sinks and other appliances.
Cost to environment: Mountains are lost to granite mining.

Granite Colour Chart

To be added soon
granite counter tops pretoria

Solid Wood Counter tops - Pretoria

The greenest option is solid wood, this is because trees can be planted and they will grow. There are some woods that are harvested from forests and these forests are dwindling, I prefer using plantation grown timber but this is not always an option. Solid wood tops are manufactured by laminating planks together to the required size.
solid wood counter tops pretoria


Hard wearing: I have seen many examples of furniture made with solid wood that have lasted centuries.
Easy to repair: Most mishaps can be fixed with little more than some sandpaper and mineral oil.
Environmentally Friendly: If you are feeling guilty about using wood, plant some trees, this is a renewable resource.


Requires regular maintenance: Wood is live and needs feeding, a regular feeding with mineral oil is recommended.
Cost: Making solid wood tops is labour intensive, it is best to laminate wood rather than use wide boards.

Solid wood counter tops colour chart

Baltic Pine desks Pretoria Solid wood Saligna counter tops

Cypress Solid wood vanity slabs Pretoria Oak Solid wood counter tops

Kiaat Solid wood breakfast bars Pretoria Beech desktops

Man made Quartz Counter tops, Pretoria

Man made counter tops are generally manufactured with a combination of natural products and resins. Caeserstone and Silestone are both examples of this type of top.

Silestone Kitchen Counter tops Pretoria

According to the Silestone website, their product can be found anywhere in the world. It has the feel and weight of natural stone but higher quality. Silestone is comprised of 90% inorganic components, mostly silica and natural quartz.
Quartz is crystalized Silica Dioxide, it is normally white or transparent. It can be found in it's pure state or be present in other components. It is durable and resistant to acids.

Amongst the features responsible for this popularity are that Silestone quartz worktops present extreme durability in kitchen and bathroom spaces where traffic and daily use is high, and also the colour range offered with this product.


Durable: Silestone is hard wearing and can last many years.
Hygienic: Because the product is non-porous, bacteria and other contaminants cannot find a place to live.
Wide range of colours and textures: There is something here for everyone.


Specialised equipment required for installation
Costs can be high.

Silestone Life Counter tops, colour pallette

Silestone energy vanity slabs Pretoria enjoy quartz countertops

fun kitchen countertops Pretoria Silestone vital quartz breakfast bar

Silestone Cool kitchen tops Pretoria Quartz countertops

Silestone Rivers Counter tops, colour pallette

 Bianco Rivers vanity slabs Pretoria Yukon quartz Reception areas

Silestone Tigris Sand reception desks Pretoria Nile quartz counter tops

Silestone Rhine breakfast bar Pretoria Silestone  table tops

Silestone Platinum Counter tops, colour pallette

Carbono countertops Pretoria Silestone  kitchen counters

Silestone Steel shop counters Pretoria Quartz counter tops

Silestone Zen Counter tops, colour pallette

Quartz vanity slabs Pretoria Quartz Bar counters

Silestone Gedatsu desks Pretoria Silestone Tao quartz counter tops

Silestone office furniture Silestone Koan quartz coffee tables

Silestone Mithology Counter tops, colour pallette

Olimpo countertops Pretoria Silestone Norte quartz vanity slabs

Silestone Minerva bar counters Pretoria Silestone Expo quartz warehouse counter tops

Silestone Anubis tops Pretoria Silestone Magma quartz counter tops

Silestone Stellar Counter tops, colour pallette

Silestone Blanco Stellar shop fitting Pretoria Silestone Eros Stellar quartz dressing table

Stellar Marina kitchen tops Pretoria Silestone Negro Stellar quartz dressing tables

Silestone Stone Counter tops, colour pallette

Silestone Mont Blanc tops Pretoria Silestone Blanco Capri counter tops

Silestone Beige Daphne coffee stand Pretoria dining table tops

Kitchen countertops Pretoria Silestone Marrón Júpiter

Silestone Mesopotamia Counter tops, colour pallette

Azul Ugarit quartz Pretoria Silestone Blanco Capri countertops

Bathroom cabinetry Kitchen units Pretoria

Silestone Tropical Forest Counter tops, colour pallette

Silestone vanity slabs Silestone wall cladding

Silestone office furniture Silestone till stations

Silestone Mahogany office furniture Silestone Rain Forest quartz

Silestone Cielo Counter tops, colour pallette

Aluminio Nube vanity slabs Pretoria Silestone Amarillo Arena desks

Silestone Blanco Dune kitchen tops Pretoria Silestone Naranja Fuego quartz bathrooms

Concrete work tops - Pretoria

Concrete tops are gaining in popularity. The American style top from a mould is not readily available in Pretoria as yet. We don't have access to the required hardeners to make them solid and stable from the mould.

We build old farmhouse style concrete work tops on site, These kitchens have brick walls seperating them and the concrete is cast in situ using forms made with plywood. After they have been cast, the walls are plastered and the tops are finished with a range of toppings. Once all the wet work is complete and cured cabinets are fitted in the spaces allowed for them.

concrete counter tops pretoria

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