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Why Dust Factory

Dust Factory is a one man cabinetmaking service owned and managed by the Wood Guy, I do not drop teams on site and go to the pub, I work with a wide range of timber and board products manufacturing custom furniture and cabinetry from tables and chairs to fitted kitchens.

  • You get me. I do everything myself including the sandpapering and cleaning the floor.
  • Quality is more important than a cheap price. You will enjoy a great piece of furniture long after you have forgotten what it cost you

For a unique kitchen, bedroom or a piece of furniture that will become an heirloom, you are where you need to be.

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Cupboards are built mostly in Melamine. At Pretoria Kitchen Company, Dust factory we build the framework or carcasses of the built in cupboards with super white melamine. The units do not have backs so it is always a good idea to paint the walls that the units will stand up against before I get there.

Standard built in cupboards vary from 2.4m to 2.7m tall. Most houses have ceilings at about 2.43m from the floor. This can vary as well, The lowest ceiling I have found yet is around 2.3m and the highest at around 4m. If the ceiling is up to 2.8m we fill right up to the ceiling and use the ceiling as the top of the cupboard, giving you as much packing space as possible in your built in cupboard.

Melamine built in cupboard costs in Pretoria

Melamine built in cupboards start at less than R 5000 a running meter at standard heights. This price is based on an average built in cupboard with white doors, 1/3 shelving and 2/3 hanging at 1.8 wide. An average bedroom cupboard in white melamine is just under R 9400.00 including installation. Coloured melamine will increase the costs.

I do give discounts for larger projects. I also do sliding doors and mirror doors if required.

Built in Cupboard options

Cupboards need not be just hanging space and shelving, Many options are available for your storage requirements, Many ladies and gentlemen have more shoes than they know what to with, I can include a rotating shoe tower allowing storage of many more pairs of shoes in an organised fashion.

Drawers are an option with both visible drawer fronts or internal drawers, I only use extendable bearing runners making it easy to gain access to every item in the drawer, If you want drawers with partitions, hidden compartments or any other idea, just ask.
Pretoria Solid wood built in cupboard
We offer three different drawer depths so storing anything from bed linen to lipstick can be made easy. Why just have an ordinary built in cupboard, when you could have a closet with storage to suit your needs. Here at Pretoria Kitchen Company, Dust Factory we make dreams happen.

A built in cupboard with flair

Even though the Melawood colour range has something for almost every one from the lightest to the darkest finishes, from faux wood to faux stone, high gloss and simple finishes, sometimes you want and need something different, we do hand painted finishes from antiqued to wood grain and anything in between. Instead of Melamine we would use MDF also known as Supawood as a base material instead.

Painted finishes allow you to choose your own colour pallet and style. We can use paints specially designed for the children's cupboards, chalk paints, or enamels for those that want something bright and cheerful.

Bedroom furniture to match the built in cupboard

From a cot to a king sized bed with headboards, side tables, pedestal cabinets, dressing tables and chests of drawers, do you want something to match your cupboard or colour scheme.

Did you see an idea on Pinterest, Instagram or facebook? Just send me the picture and I'll quote.

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