6 ways to save money on a budget kitchen renovation in Pretoria.

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There are many ways to poke a pig my Dad used to say, some are really dangerous and others keep you behind the fence, You don't need to break the bank to make your kitchen look good, Today I discuss 6 ways you can save money on your kitchen renovation, keeping the bank manager and the chef of the family happy. Often redoing the whole kitchen can be so expensive you will over capitalise on the value of your home.

1. Don't replace your kitchen units, replace the doors.

The carcases or the cabinets without doors can be as much as 40% of the project cost, If yours are still good, why throw them on the dump? I often take out cabinets that still have some life left in them, when this happens, I find someone that needs them and donate them to them. Sometimes what we consider valueless has much value to a township dweller. The lady that works for my daughter has a great looking kitchen using units thrown out by my clients.
budget kitchen renovation Pretoria

Replacing the doors and drawer fronts, along with any facing components like plinths and fillers can be a marked saving on the cost of renovating a kitchen. Changing the faces can be as simple as fitting modern melamine doors or you may want to go big and use something really upmarket like spray painted supawood doors. Because you are saving money on the structure, spending a few bob extra on the doors can give you that luxury look kitchen on a budget.

Your kitchen design won't change but it will look really good. Instead of spending R 50 000 you can spend as little as R 15 000 on new doors and hardware, like hinges and handles. Maybe spoil yourself and go with a modern sheer look with push to open hinges and no handles.

2. Replace the kitchen counter tops

Replacing that 15 year old countertop with something new and fresh will change the entire look of the kitchen, Instead of that out of fashion formica top, fit some solid Oak or Kiaat tops. The entire kitchen will change in the blink of an eye. I can normally replace kitchen tops in a day or two on site, after making them if required. Even replacing a tired and damaged formica top with a new modern profiled one will make a vast difference.
budget kitchen counter tops and doors
I usually suggest replacing the sink and if the hob is a little rough, get a new one while I am taking them out anyway. You could also do granite or quartz tops. Replacing tops can cost a less than a R 1000 a meter or up to a few thousand rand a meter depending on the tops chosen.

3. Paint you kitchen rather than replacing doors.

If you have good solid doors, or your kitchen is in great condition, just dated. I can paint it for you. Your choices are many and varied from hand painted and paint effects to high gloss Duco finishes. The range of colours in paint is endless from white to black and anything in between including metallics. I will have to inspect your kitchen to be certain it can be painted, Sometime melamine is too far gone to paint and replacement is the only option.
paint effects in kitchens Pretoria
Surfaces that are not normally a problem to paint are solid woods, previously spray painted surfaces. When painting I remove all components that can be removed and bring them back to my work area. Anything that needs painting that cannot be stripped is painted on site, but never spray painted, experience has taught me that spray painting in people's homes is a bad idea, because you will be swearing at me six months later when more dust settles in the bathroom when you take the curtains off to wash them for the 6th time.

I can also do other wood treatments like bleaching, pickling and staining. If you saw a wood treatment somewhere just ask, If I haven't done it before I may enjoy the challenge. Painting can cost anywhere from R 450 to a few thousand a square meter dependant upon the work involved and the finish chosen.

4. Don't change the kitchen layout

Moving plumbing and electrical points can be an expensive addition to your kitchen renovation. If you retain the existing layout in terms of where the appliances are I can design a new kitchen to fit, using new cabinets. I do a 3D design for every kitchen so you get a good idea of what you are going to get.
Kitchen Doors Pretoria

5. Don't replace appliances

Most appliances are standard sizes so you can always replace the hob and oven later when the budget has recovered. Appliances can add a huge cost to your budget, plan for a washing machine and a dishwasher and then get them when your bank manager is more amenable. Tell me what you are planning for the future and I can leave space for that double door fridge with all the bells and whistles that is on the dream kitchen list.

6. Limit the number of drawers

Drawers add to the cost and can more than double the cost of a unit. a 900 unit with a shelf can be a third of the price of a pot drawer unit. Other ways to save on units is using shelves instead of top units, they open up the kitchen and can save up to 60% on the cost of top units.
Kitchen shelves Pretoria

Budget kitchen renovation can be done by using white melamine instead of coloured melamine, using formica tops instead of granite or quartz. The important thing is to know what your budget is, If you have R 20 000 available and I am aware of this I can give you an idea of what your budget will buy rather than quoting double your budget and neither of us wins. I am all for a win win situation, allowing you to work within budget and me to earn some money towards that nice new thicknesser I am dreaming about.

There really is no point in me quoting for a farmstyle kitchen with all the mod cons if your budget will only allow replacement farmhouse doors on your existing units.
Melamine Doors Pretoria

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