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Why Dust Factory

Dust Factory is a one man cabinetmaking service owned and managed by the Wood Guy, I do not drop teams on site and go to the pub, I work with a wide range of timber and board products manufacturing custom furniture and cabinetry from tables and chairs to fitted kitchens.

  • You get me. I do everything myself including the sandpapering and cleaning the floor.
  • Quality is more important than a cheap price. You will enjoy a great piece of furniture long after you have forgotten what it cost you

For a unique kitchen, bedroom or a piece of furniture that will become an heirloom, you are where you need to be.

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Here at Dust Factory, I design and build, repair and restore wooden furniture. I have been known to take a pile of "firewood" created by a mover and rebuild a table that looked as good as new. Nothing makes me happier than giving a classic old piece a new lease on life.


This page talks about furniture restoration, repair and manufacture, every room, every purpose. It's all good and worth a proper read.... or at least spend some time ogling the pics.

Repairs & Restoration           Furniture Manufacture

Furniture Repairs Pretoria East

Furniture repair Tshwane

I fix tables, chairs, couches, wardrobes, desks and more. I can take a well loved piece and make it solid again, I take away the rickety, fix the "unfixable" and makeover the tired looking.

Antique Chair repair Pretoria

Chair repairs Pretoria

Do you have a chair that rocks more than it should, Is it so lendelam, you are waiting for it to collapse? Call me I can make the chair solid again, I can make it pretty again. Many a chair has had a rework by my hand. The oldest chair I made good was over 100 years old, manufactured in 1905 according to the makers stamp.

Antique restoration Pretoria

Pretoria Riempies

Riempies work done on benches, chairs and other pieces. We use raw gameskin riempies just like the originals, They last longer and don't stretch as much as the processed riempies.

Pretoria Table repairs

Is the leg falling off? Is the top cracking? Could it just use a little TLC? I can get your table back to work. Call me today. A client called me in tears, The movers had tried to force a table with a height of 750mm, down a passage of 730mm. His beloved Oregon pine table was in pieces. He didn't think it could be fixed, could I come and look.

Antique dresser restoration Pretoria

It took some effort and wood welding. I delivered the table back with a complete refinish and the client was delighted.

Upcycling of old furniture

Sometimes I get asked to deface an old classic, I don't really like defacing masterpieces but sometimes that is the only way to give a piece a future being loved. Paint, a replacement part or a total revamp may be the only solution to making that old junk mass produced chest of drawers a useful member of the furniture genus again.

Antique restoration

Antique restoration differs from furniture repair in that I use age appropriate methods. We don't want to lose the patina if possible, We definitely don't want tool marks on a hand made piece. Anything not mass produced is not to be destroyed with a belt sander. Everything gets sanded by hand, If I need to plane anything I dig up my 100 year old planes and do it the way my Grandpa did it.

Antiqueclock repair Gauteng

Custom Furniture

Do you need a piece to fit in a corner or an alcove and can't find exactly what you are looking for, I can make it. Everything from oversized tables to display units for all your trinkets and whatsits. You tell me what you want, I draw it in 3D and then build it.

Pretoria Furniture maker

I work with all wood types from pine to Zebrano if we can find it. I also build for any room in the house, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, dining rooms and even the patio. I have even been known to build specialis furniture... nudge nudge wink wink. If it's wood and goes in and around a home, office or factory talk to me.

Custom drinks cabinet Pretoria

Office Furniture

Office Furniture Pretoria

I build office furniture from reception to the executive desk and conference table. I will work in most wood types including board. You want a leather inlay desk, absolutely! You want a credenza or a library... yes! Tell me what you want and I'll design in 3D and then for real.

Patio Furniture Pretoria

I have built tables for restaurants, for offices, for homes, I have built cabinets for displaying model cars, storing tools and camping stuff, patio cushions and even stand alone wardrobes.

I work to your budget when designing and will tell you if it's impossible. Contact me now for your free quote and design.

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