If it's wood I'll make it, fix it or restore it Pretoria

Crafting Dreams, One piece of wood at a Time: Get exactly what you want at Dust Factory

Welcome to Dust Factory, where I, personally craft custom furniture and cabinetry.

I don't just drop teams on site and head to the pub; I'm involved in every aspect of the process, from selecting the finest timber and board products to meticulously sandpapering and even cleaning the floors. Quality is my utmost priority, and I believe that the joy of owning a remarkable piece of furniture outlasts any fleeting thoughts of its cost.

If you're searching for something truly unique, whether it's a bespoke kitchen, a cozy bedroom, or a timeless piece of furniture destined to become an heirloom, you're in the right place. Your journey with Dust Factory will be more than just a transaction; it will be a collaborative experience in creating something special that you'll cherish for years to come.

This also means I have limited capacity, I cannot be rushed, I only take on as much as I can cope with at any given time.

Custom woodwork Pretoria

Dust Factory is a small business that does custom and bespoke wood work in the Pretoria area and East of Pretoria. I work with a range of wood from Ash to Zebrano when I can find it, No job is too small.
I also do repairs and maintenance to wooden structures and goods. The difference between bespoke and custom is that bespoke is to fit, custom is special design.


This page talks about custom wood creations from doors and windows to gift items, nothing is too small. If it's wood I'll make it. It's all good and worth a proper read.... or at least spend some time ogling the pics.

Custom wood doors Pretoria

Ballustrades Pretoria East

I manufacture solid wood ballustrades, can add in other materials like glass, stainless steel and cables. As long as the main structure is wood, I can build it for you.

Stair cases

I can make the steps for your steel frame, build a solid wood staircase or renovate your existing steps.

Gifts and market goods Pretoria

Wooden goods for market traders
I can manufacture items for your shop or market stall from candle sticks and jewellery boxes and speciality items like trophies, toys and more.
manufacture of market trader stock

Custom picture frames Pretoria

If you want a mirror framed with a piece of wood you have in the garage, an artwork framed with something other than mass produced plastic frames, I am your Guy. I can make a wide variety of profiles for your artwork. I have even been known to make canvases for my own art, if you want something special I am your Guy.

Doors, windows and speciality architectural mouldings

Custom Stable doors
I will make custom pivot doors, stable doors, french doors, window frames, dado rails, skirting boards, architraves and much more in any wood, send me your profiles for a quote.

Counter tops, Table tops and shelving

I make kitchen counter tops any size in any solid wood. I suggest using hardwood not soft woods for kitchen counters. Kitchen counters should never be varnished or toxic materials used on them. Food friendly oils are the only way to treat solid wood tops, Do not use vegetable oils as they can go rancid and your kitchen will no longer be a pleasure. I recommend liquid parafin BP because it meets all the requirements being food safe, it doesn't turn and it feeds the wood perfectly. I can also supply a oil wax blend for the tops using bees wax and food friendly oil.
Bespoke Shelving Pretoria

I suggest laminated tops because controlling warping, splitting and other issues related to timber tops is a lot easier if you are not using the whole tree. I make tops in various thicknesses from 20mm to 75mm if required. We can also build tops with cross lamination for added strength, Whatever you need just ask.

Custom fitted furniture

Bespoke fitted furniture
If you have an alcove, a corner or a hole in the wall and want to do something with it, talk to me, I can build anything from a room divider to a book shelf from a range of board and solid wood. I manufacture items like bars, tables, shelves and cabinets for your study, entertainment area, man cave or even the braai area. You saw it in pinterest, no worries send me the picture and I will quote.

Custom free standing furniture

Just like fitted furniture I will build custom free standing furniture from patio tables to wardrobes to fit a specific arena.
Handmade furniture Pretoria

Office Furniture Pretoria

I will create the ultimate and unique reception area, executive desk or furniture for the sales office and more. I work in Melamine and solid wood.
Office furniture Pretoria


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