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Examples of the cost and prices of kitchen units in Pretoria 2021


Kitchen unit prices and costing in PretoriaI often get asked "How must does a kitchen cost?" The answer I most often use is "how long is a piece of string?" Without the data the question is impossible to answer without any certainty. Certainty comes from knowing the dimensions of the kitchen and what your specific needs are, The good news is that I will do a free quote for your kitchen, All you have to do is ask, click here to request a consultation.. The facts are that you are here because you are looking for a guide line so what I have done is look at how to answer the question, "What does a kitchen renovation cost in Pretoria?"

In order to give you the best possible answer I have looked at this and will answer the question about kitchen costing in Pretoria as comprehensively as I can. There is always someone willing to do any job cheaper and worse. It is far better to pay a little more than to suffer the consequences of poor quality. There are multiple ways to get a kitchen renovation to suit your budget. Lets look at different ways to renovate your kitchen. Each method is discussed in more detail on a page dedicated to the method. All prices are subject to change without notice, exclude discounts and include installation within 40 kms of my workshop.

Board prices have risen by 20% this year, It is the highest increase we have seen in many years. Availability of raw materials and COVID are the excuses used.

Kitchen Renovation costs Pretoria: Methods to be discussed

The first methods we will discuss include renovating existing units and not replacing them. This could be replacing tops and doors, respraying the kitchen, or even just servicing the hinges and handles, Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference. If your kitchen is basically sound a little attention can make a huge difference.

Pretoria Kitchen renovation costs: Reface don't replace

I have seen well maintained kitchens over 20 years old that need very little to bring them into the 21st century, New tops, new doors and maybe replacing one or two units that have seen undue wear. Ordinarily the units that need replacing are in areas where water and heat cause early break down of the materials. The sink unit, the panels alongside the stove and washing machines are also likely to be damaged.

You can save 50% or more on your kitchen renovation by using the existing units.

What does a kitchen respray cost?

The next method we will discuss is refinishing existing doors by repainting them, This can be done by hand or with the spray gun. Spray painting is a messy business, so I tend to use rollers and brushes on components that cannot be taken back to the workshop. The first step in such a renovation is removing all components that can be like doors and drawers, taking them back to the workshop, and re-coating them. Then I will prepare all the fixed components and faces in the kitchen and coat them on site. These can be spray painted but I recommend rollers and brushes because the dust from spray painting will make even the most easy going person unhappy.

The costs of respraying vary from kitchen to kitchen but from experience you can work on between R 400 and R 800 a square meter of surface to be covered. Factors that will affect costs are what the surfaces are, how much preparation will be needed and the chosen finish. As far as colour goes, the sky is the limit.

Kitchen renovation costs: Complete replacement

The third method is replacing the whole kitchen. The dust factory method is to start by measuring and creating a total design in 3D. This allows you to visualize your dream kitchen as accurately as possible down to the colours and textures.

So that you can get an indication of costs I am going to use 3 basic layouts and cost them for you using 3 different materials. I will use Super White Melamine, Melamine from the demand range and a shaker style sprayed kitchen. To give you an indication on the price of tops, I will use Formica tops, Saligna Tops and Oak tops as examples. Here at Dust Factory I make my own solid wood tops and specialize in Kitchens with solid wood tops.

These prices are valid as I type this blog on the 10th of July 2021. Material prices do change because of exchange rates, cost of living and various other reasons, so if you find this in 2022 or later, look for an updated version of this page, I will add links to the updated costings if I don't just modify this page.

The prices here are for standard units, They include delivery and installation within 40km's of my home base. The minimum installation cost is R 2500.00 plus the cost of the units. I will add a list of units and their prices without delivery and installation at the bottom of this page.

All units come with quality hinges, hollow stainless steel handles, and the drawer runners are the extendable bearing type, we do not use roller type drawer runners because they are not as good as the bearing type.

Three piece kitchen unit costs in Pretoria

At Pretoria Kitchens we don't do cheap and nasty, we do a quality product with minimum specifications, I am not sure exactly what a 3 piece kitchen set is or what it is supposed to achieve. We have modular units and we use the units to create designer kitchens. The smallest kitchen I designed here consists of 5 units and I designed two variations.
3 piece Melawood kitchen unit costs
3 piece kitchen unit, this includes a grocery cabinet, two floor units, one with drawers and two wall units, one of them being a display shelf. This 5 unit kitchen qualifies as a 3 piece set as sold by the major chains. The difference between ours and theirs is size, our standard unit depth is 600 mm measured from the back of the counter top to the front. The units combine to form a 1,8m unit with a 1.35 meter counter top, The counter top is 32mm formica with a bullnose finish. The floor units stand on stainless steel legs and the wall units are attached to the wall above them. These are not free standing units.

They are available in the colour range at the bottom of the page. I have drawn it in two of the colour choices, above it is displayed in Summer Oak with a dark top and below in Super white also with a dark top.
3 piece kitchen unit in white with prices

WhiteAccentSuper GlossRaw SupawoodPainted SupawoodPineSaligna
12 579.3515028.3418 157.0213 748.7719 255.4916 106.1017 700.70

A formica top for this setup will vary from about R 1293.00 to R 2500.00, Solid wood tops will vary from 3270 to 7500.00, Granite will be similar to the solid wood tops.

Complete and installed in Supa White with Glossy Formica tops, This layout will cost around R 15 000.00. This design makes no real sense in the real world, so I can say from experience if you have an average sized home with a 3 x 3 kitchen you should be budgeting between R 40 and 50 000 for your kitchen. Note these prices include top quality hardware like stainless steel feet, stainless steel handles, soft close runners and hinges. We specialise in Quality.

5 piece kitchen unit prices in Pretoria

This another 5 piece set excluding the grocery unit, so that you can see what difference that makes to the cost of kitchen units. This five piece set is also 1.8m wide, it includes three floor units, one of which is a set of drawers, and two wall units.
5 piece kitchen unit in colour with prices
The units are depicted in summer oak with a granite finish work surface. As always white makes for cheap kitchen units.

WhiteAccentSuper GlossRaw SupawoodPainted SupawoodPineSaligna
12 579.3513 355.7115 365.4912 434,8119 255.4914 595.5117 700.70

You can see what changing just one unit does to the price of a kitchen renovation.

6 piece kitchen unit prices

The next kitchen costing consists of 6 units, A grocery cabinet, a 900 floor units, a drawer unit and a 450 floor unit and two 900 wall units. Like the previous unit it comes complete with stainless steel feet, hollow stainless steel handles and good quality hinges and drawer runners. This is the first in a series of of 6 piece kitchens to show the variability of kitchen design prices with the same amount of units.
6 piece kitchen unit in white with prices
This kitchen is depicted in Summer Oak Melamine with a granite finish Formica top. see the colour chart below for the range we have available. Once again it will be more budget friendly in Super white. The width of this set of kitchen units is 2.25 meters. the depth from the back of the top to the front is 600mm, The height is 2.07m from the floor to the top of the grocery unit, which incidentally is the height of a doorway.

WhiteAccentSuper GlossRaw SupawoodPainted SupawoodPineSaligna
16 246.1418 298.9022 002.2416 908.2622 555.8619 295.9921 160.91

Adding just one kitchen unit can affect the cost substantially.

6 piece kitchen price without a grocery unit

This image depicts a 6 piece kitchen unit with glass doors on one of the units. As this is a series of these units with some minor changes I will give you prices on this set without the glass doors first, and then with glass doors on one cabinet and then on all the top unit doors.
cost of 6 piece kitchen unit with glass doors
Units with solid doors

WhiteAccentSuper GlossRaw SupawoodPainted SupawoodPineSaligna
14 650.9315 442.3417 859.5714 376.6518 062.9317 360.5919 084.25

Units with one cabinet with glass doors as depicted in the image
Add R 550.00 per glass door.

Six piece kitchen set with pot drawers with lid drawer

The image here shows a six piece kitchen unit set with an accent colour. There will be three different pricing setups for this set that includes a three wall units, one of which has glass doors, and three base units, one of which is a drawer unit and the second a pot drawer unit with a lid drawer.
cost of 6 piece kitchen unit with glass doors and pot drawer unit

WhiteAccentSuper GlossRaw SupawoodPainted SupawoodPineSaligna
17 104.8918 298.9019 780.2316 908.2622 55.8619 295.9921 160.91

cost of dual coloured 6 piece kitchen unit

You can also add decoration like light rails and scochure to finish the kitchen just a little.
adding light rails and scochure to your kitchen.
Light rails and scochure work out from approximately R 190.00 a meter including installation.

Kitchen unit price comparison

In the next image we show four different types of floor unit. from left to right, pot drawers, standard cabinet, pot drawer with lid drawer and a sink unit.
difference in cost between kitchen units of the same size
I am quoting these prices in white without tops as depicted, including installation and delivery, remember, we have a minimum delivery and installation cost which will add to the cost of delivering single units.
F900 2 Pot Drawer Starting from R 4 004.90 including installation*

F900 cabinet Starting from R 2 840.00 including installation*

F900 Pot and lid Drawer Starting from R 4 961.50 including installation*

F900 Sink Unit Starting from R 3 845.33 including installation*

Kitchen Unit Price list

The good news is that you have no need to try and work out what your kitchen will cost, we do a free design and quote, click here to request a consultation. Errors and Omissions Excepted.

The colour range for units can be found here. and for counter tops here.

* subject to minimum installation cost.

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