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Should you handpaint your kitchen?


Nelspruit Kitchen renovations: hand painting

The cheapest way of renovating a kitchen in Nelspruit is by painting it. Old solid wood and duco'd finishes can all be renewed with some paint. Paint opens up a wide range of colours and decorative effects. Today we will talk about a few options and preparation.

Hand Painted kitchen units

If you are starting with existing units, there are a few things that will need to be done before applying paint. First, it is neccessary to see if the substrate is paintable. A few simple rules with painting board and wood products: First check for rot. The simplest method is to look at the board and check if it is not swollen, shedding particles or has any bumps or grooves that are nor machine created. With solid wood it is a little more complex, rot is not always visible, but take a sharp screw driver and try push it into the wood. If it goes in, there is rot, if not there is none.

The following steps are neccessary whether it is an old cabinet or a new cabinet.

Next sand paper the wood to get rid of any shine, The rule of thumb is that if the surface is glossy, paint will peel off. The smoother the finish after the sanding the better the finish will be when you apply paint. Rub your hand on the surface and feel it, If it is rough, use more sand paper. The finish should feel smooth and as soft as a ladies inner thigh.

Prime the surface with a recommended primer, Using a a white primer will be the most useful in most circumstances. After applying primer, resand it, once again you are looking for that inner thigh feel. If the primer looks patchy, do another coat. With proper preparation comes perfection. I would generally use a combination of sponge rollers and brushes depending on the surface grooves and mouldings.
Nelspruit Hand painted kitchens

Nelspruit hand painted kitchens

Here at Nelspruit Kitchens we have a number of options available for hand painted kitchens. These can be classified as retro or modern effects. Most paint effects are retro because they hark back to the 20th century and earlier. Some of these effects are easy to date and others are timeless.

Retro and modern look paint finishes

Brushing, rolling, spackling, sponging and even graining can be considered retro or modern by the choice of colours used. In the 1980's bright colours were the vogue, this trend is coming back but instead of prime colours, secondary colours are now in.

Timeless finishes like lacquering, graphiting and stenciling can be both modern and exciting.

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