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Designing your dream kitchen start with evaluating the old


Designing Dream kitchensKnowing what works for you and most importantly what doesn't is key to designing your dream kitchen, It's not just about looks.

You are visiting this site looking for ideas, you are thinking about a new kitchen, You find yourself surfing design sites, looking at ideas on pinterest, You love a particular style and counter tops. Whether you want solid wood, granite, quartz or Formica tops, it's time to step back and think about everything.

If you are going to spend the money on a new kitchen it's worth considering the bigger picture, Start by evaluating your existing kitchen and seeing what works and what doesn't. What about the kitchen irks you? what do you like? Knowing what works and what doesn't is an important part of the design process.

Solve the problems before designing your dream kitchen

Consider lighting, consider plugs, consider your appliances. What do you need easy access to, what should you be chucking out? If you haven't used it in years should it be taking up space in your kitchen? Redesign is not just about making it pretty, function is important.

You may consider not moving the sink to save a few Rand, but you are going to regret that decision when you have spent the money and the sink is not where it should be, especially if the positioning already irks you. Flow is important and if you are constantly having to move because the stove is rght in the walk way, now is the time to move it.

What about your current kitchen is wrong?

What problems need solving? What can be better? Remember what looks awesome on Pinterest may not work in your space. Have you got enough counter space, have you got enough storage, Is the workflow good? Are you walking to and fro from one end of the kitchen to the other because the microwave is too far from the fridge, your pots and pans are not stored where you need them? Do you have to walk right across the kitchen to get something from the fridge and back to the other end for flour?

What is non negotiable? Do you want a prep bowl, a Gas stove, what appliances can you not live without?

These are the important things to consider when designing a dream kitchen.

Questions to answer when designing a dream kitchen

Are there enough plugs and are they in the right places?
electrical wiring
I visit a friend regularly, They redesigned their kitchen and didn't put a plug behind the dishwasher, now they have an extension cord that needs unplugging and storing when they are not using the dishwasher. The kettle is in a corner below the top cabinets because the most logical spot for it to be has no electricity point.
Is the water supply ready for all your appliances?
I was called out to fit a water point for a fridge with an ice maker, When the kitchen was planned and built a year before, no one said anything about the ice making capability of the fridge, so no allowance was made for it, We were lucky we could run the water through the ceiling and behind the cabinets. I have seen jobs where tiles had to be removed to solve the problem and believe me, this is not something you want to face.
How old is the plumbing?
We installed a kitchen some years ago where the plumbing was done during construction, there were no leaks and at visible inspection all piping seemed to be perfectly healthy. A few months later a leak developed in the wall and remained unnoticed for a few weeks, The water slowly seeped into the cabinets and slowly started the dry rot process, This was only picked up when the cupboards started smelling musty. The costs of repair were not insubstantial, just over a year after the initial installation.
rotten old plumbing pipes
While the room is empty, get a plumber in and do some new piping if your plumbing is ancient.
Is there enough storage?
Storage needs vary from family to family, The size of the kitchen can also make a difference to storage availability. Tell your kitchen designer that your storage needs are not being met by your current kitchen.
Drawers or Shelving?
Some of my older clients and I mean by age find it difficult to crawl on the floor digging in cupboards, Drawers are far easier to access and far easier to manage. We design kitchens with a range of pull out features from grocery cabinets and spice racks to pot drawers.
drawers on grocery cabinet drawers faces
Do you have any special needs?
A few years ago, I built a kitchen for a lady who spent her days in a wheel chair, This require easy to access units, lower worktops. I am glad to report that we gave her exactly what she needed.

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