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More than 10 breakfast bar ideas from Nelspruit Kitchens


Breakfast bars are a staple of kitchen design and very little creativity goes into most of them, I have designed more than 10 for you to consider.

With advent of the open plan kitchen came the breakfast bar or breakfast counter, These differ from breakfast nooks which I will discuss in a different blog in the near future. When I was growing up kitchens were bigger in the older houses and pride of place was a table that the family gathered around.

My Table was in a railway house in Airlie, it was a formica table with steel legs in that horrible green marble finish. When Granny was in the kitchen, the radio was and many a happy hour was spent right there playing scrabble with Pappa and my brothers, and sometimes the cousins when they were also visiting. We listened to Jet Jungle, Squad Cars and Chappie Chipmunk. The kitchen was the heart of the home,
Break fast bar idea, basic
The kitchen at home didn't have a breakfast bar or a table but somehow when Mom was in the kitchen we were all crowded in sitting on the counters, leaning aginst the fridge or in the doorway. To me the kitchen has always been a special place, the food comes from there and some of the best conversations the family had were right there.

I think breakfast bars are a way to get the family together and everyone can join in with food preparation or just discussing the days events. The kitchen should never be separate from the rest of the home, it should be right in the living area.

Simple breakfast bar ideas, Nelspruit

A breakfast bar can be as simple as an extended countertop, or a countertop fitted at table height to the kitchen units. Most breakfast bars are simple and have very little creativity. I want to show you how you can make your breakfast bar a feature, not just a place for the family to hang out.
Breakfast bar idea, woodenBreakfast bar idea, granite
It can be as simple as adding a downstand and some led concealed lighting below the cabinets. With just those small changes, the breakfast bar is not boring, it becomes a focal point of the living area and looks great.
Break fast bar idea, basic
I didn't go around the web borrowing images for this breakfast bar ideas post because I think creativity should always be in house, many of these breakfast bar ideas have been used in kitchens around the world, I have used them in kitchens over the years. I also felt this would be an opportunity to show off just how good our free 3d kitchen design can be.

Combining materials for great breakfast bar design, Nelspruit

We already looked at a full width countertop, but what about combining two different materials so that the focus is on the breakfast counter and not on the kitchen itself. You could combine a quartz top with a solid wood breakfast bar, This idea defines the breakfast bar, and separate it from the kitchen, all the while making a great gathering place to chat while the Chef is on duty.
Breakfast bar idea, wooden
Creating a breakfast bar that is separate from the kitchen is not a unique idea, Most people just don't go the extra step and use a contrasting finish or material. Remember that the seating can also change the whole feel of the breakfast bar, You could choose to use different bar stools or even combine different types of bar stool for an eclectic look to your breakfast bar.

Adding legs to the breakfast bar can change the whole feel once again defining the area and making it look more modern and interesting than a shelf mounted on brackets. Any one of these ideas can be combined with another to make a whole new breakfast bar idea. I have used as examples wood and granite, but other materials like metal, stainless steel and glass can be used as well. The options are endless in the quest for the perfect breakfast bar.
Breakfast bar idea, woodenBreakfast bar idea, granite
Another variation on the extended worktop and downstand breakfast bar design, allows a seat in the kitchen for the chef. You could add a bookshelf in the kitchen for cook books and menu planning so that the chef not only has a seat at the table but also a desk for budgeting and planning purposes.
Breakfast bar idea, woodenBreakfast bar idea, with wine rack
Remove the downstand and add legs and there is space for an extra chair at the table, The legs could be stainless steel, wood, Melamine or even ready made turned legs. There is something for every style of kitchen from the country styled kitchen to a contemporary kitchen.

Add some shelves or a wine rack as a feature at the end of the table top, This could be exchanged for a decorative panel or frame made with wood or steel. Think bannisters with cross over pieces or glass inserts. Your imagination is where the limits are.

For a smaller space and a smaller family a 3/4 round table could be the solution. This takes up a little space but gives you a nice comfortable table to dine at. To enlarge any of these images, just right click on it and open it in a new window.
Breakfast bar idea, woodenBreakfast bar idea, with legs
Break fast bar idea, basic
The round table could also be the end of the kitchen work surface. Extending the breakfast bar along the back of the units can add more space and make a great looking area.
Break fast bar idea, basic
This next idea is really a table at the end of a kitchen counter. You could use a standard dining table or have a piece designed and made for the purpose. This table could have benches instead of chairs, Can you think of any alternate design ideas for the table?
Breakfast bar idea, wooden tableBreakfast bar design, table

This idea was used in a kitchen I built with solid kiaat tops, instead of spotlights we used recessed lighting, The downstand and bulkhead make for a very good looking feature. In the kitchen we used this idea the breakfast bar covered a corner and hid the fridge from view. It looked great.
Break fast bar design, with bulkhead
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